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The slaughterhouse represents total exploitation on a global scale.


On June 17, join Ottawa and Montreal’s first joint March for the Closing of all Slaughterhouses! For the defender of justice and compassion, the slaughterhouse is the expression of total exploitation of broken bodies and minds after unimaginable suffering. It is estimated that each year worldwide, and it is 60 billion land animals and over 1000 billion fish are killed unnecessarily, about 160 million land animals and 3 billion fish killed every day.

Raise your voice to break the complicity and the denial. The consumption of animals causes more suffering and death than any other human activity and is completely unnecessary. It is time to face the harsh reality behind the neatly packed and sealed package in the grocery store. The abolition of the madness that is the kill-floor must be brought onto the political agenda. We demand the transformation of our economy to a non-oppressive and plant-based one that promotes health and environmental sustainability. We want jobs that don’t force workers to earn their wages by killing.

Compassionate citizens are mobilizing to engage communities in the abolition of animal exploitation movement. Join this historic and international march! KARA and OADL are seeking volunteers, collaborators and local groups to join us for this most important cause. We invite you to write to us, outlining your interests and the way you would like to contribute.

June 17th 2017, 2pm, Ottawa

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En route to Parliament (Transport Montreal / Ottawa) :
FB event : https://www.facebook.com/events/559621880911551/

More info:
Website France: www.fermons-les-abattoirs.org/en
Meat Abolition website: www.meat-abolition.org