« Fresh meat from Australia »

These victims are on the way to mass slaughter

These victims are on the way to mass slaughter

« Fresh meat from Australia »
By Marion Achoulias
Viande fraîche d’Australie – Les bateaux de la mort (Résumé en français plus bas)

In the tourist city of Eilat, located in the northern tip of the Red Sea on the Gulf of Aqaba, local restaurants put up signs every three weeks, promoting « fresh meat ».

The victim on your plate, perhaps you ordered « fresh lamb » tonight, has just been killed. Just yesterday the young animal was still breathing. Just barely, in fact. The air on the crowded ship was so acidic, the stench so intense that she went blind two weeks ago. Her eyes literally dried out. She was full of life six weeks ago, when the torment began: Struggling to stand upright on the truck that transported her across the continent.  Shivering in the cold of Australian winter. Struggling to not get trampled to death on the ramps onto and off the ship. Struggling to get away from the workers who beat, kicked and hurt her with electric prods. But there was no place to hide, no space even to move around. One week ago, she was close to starvation but then she finally was able to reach the food. The one small sheep in front of her had fallen and died. As a consequence, she had a few more centimeters of room to get to the pellets that had already started to become rotten due to the humidity.

The small dead one was lying there until the end of the journey. Upon arrival, the workers routinely collect the dead bodies and dispose of them on the sandy hills of the desert close to Eilat. The small sheep’s death is nothing but collateral damage to the moneyman.  He knows  that the death toll is always between 2% to 5%.


But the « fresh lamb » on the plate at the luxury hotel survived six weeks of hell. On the morning they cut her throat in the slaughterhouse, another ship with 30,000 sheep just left the port of Darwin, Australia. On that journey, one thousand victims will die of dehydration and exhaustion.
The rest will survive –just to become « fresh meat ». A never ending circle of suffering and death.


Last Saturday I followed the lead of Israeli activists and took the plane from Tel Aviv to Eilat to bear witness to the reality of long distance transport of animals destined for slaughter.
The infamous life cargo ship “Ocean Drover” that became a grave for over 800 animals last January had landed one day ago, transporting 10,000 cows and sheep to their deaths.


The heat was breath-taking, and even though we only caught a glimpse of the horror the cows had to endure, I felt my own hope and strength as an activist waning in this scorching heat. Only the solidarity and spirit of the other activists, their energy and determination gave me something like relief from the feeling of hopelessness. But there was no relief for the victims. You could see the dread in the cow’s eyes; they were exhausted, disoriented- struggling to stand. Time is cash and as it takes about two days just to « load and unload » the ship, workers had no patience left. The cattle cars were racing down the street at a dizzying speed- the cows could barely keep their balance which I could see very well every time the truck was stopped by a red light.


Friends and activists, I am reaching out to you, because when I think of all this animal suffering I more often than not feel overwhelmed. The scale of exploitation of animals on this planet cannot be grasped. If we want to stand a chance in this fight, we need to move closer as a global activist community, to show solidarity and support one another. This Israeli grass root organization works tirelessly to educate locals and tourists about the shocking truth behind “fresh meat”. « It all started when we came to Eilat for a diving vacation, » remembers the co-founder who wishes to remain anonymous at this time.  « When we realized what these cows and lambs go through, we cancelled our diving fun and focused on what really matters: fight for compassion for animals. »


Please join in this campaign to make politicians realize that animals matter politically and ethically. In this case, the ban of all life transport of animals will be a first step toward justice for animals. There are 2 important concrete actions you can take for farmed animals today:

  1. Please sign the petition and share.

2. Take a moment to write to Mr. Uzi Landau, minister of tourism to inform him that you won’t visit Eilat as long as the city is a gate to death. Eilat is a tourist city. Therefore  letters from abroad will be taken very seriously! Contact:  ulandau@knesset.gov.il
I attached my own letter. Please make sure you add your demand- written in our own words- as subject line

The first step toward justice for animals: Institute a ban on life shipments to Eilat immediately!

To Mr. Uzi Landau, Minister of Tourism Affairs

I am writing to you today to express my indignation at the terrible animal cruelty perpetrated against cows in your city. On July 5th, I took the plane to Eilat for vacation. I was planning to relax, to have a good time, to go shopping and dining. However, I literally lost my appetite when I saw and smelled the cattle cars. The stench was simply unbearable. When I had a closer look, I saw the exhausted and dehydrated cows. They had difficulty just to keep their balance! I was outraged by what I had to witness so I did some research and realized that these animals are transported all the way from Australia just to end their miserable lives in the slaughterhouse. Needless to say, I did not go shopping. I actually left the next day.

I urge you to exercise your power as a responsible and caring government official and make an end to such horror immediately. Please respond to my letter with an update on the action you are going to take. In the meantime, I will tell my family, friends on facebook and colleagues at work about the cruelty I witnessed in Israel’s famous tourist city. I will urge them not to visit Eilat and spend their money in a city that is entangled in such an unethical industry.

Thank you for taking my letter into account. I trust you will make the right decision.


Marion Achoulias

Viande fraiche d’Australie – Les bateaux de la mort

Dans la ville touristique d’Eilat (en Israël), situé à la pointe nord de la mer Rouge, dans le golfe d’Aqaba, les restaurants locaux annoncent toutes les trois semaines un arrivage de « viande fraîche »

La victime dans l’assiette, de « l’agneau frais », qui a été commandé ce soir, vient tout juste  d’être tuée. Encore hier, ce jeune animal respirait encore. À peine, en fait ! L’air à bord du navire bondé, dans lequel il a été transporté,  était si acide, l’odeur si intense qu’il  est devenu aveugle il ya deux semaines. Ses yeux ont littéralement séché. Il était pourtant en pleine forme, il ya six semaines, lorsque le supplice a commencé : Luttant pour se tenir debout dans ​​le camion qui l’a transporté à travers le continent, dans le froid de l’hiver australien. Luttant pour ne pas se faire piétiné à mort sur ​​les rampes le menant au  bateau. Luttant pour éviter que les travailleurs le battent à coups de pieds ou lui donne des chocs électriques. Il n’avait aucun endroit pour se cacher, pas d’espace pour se déplacer.  Il ya une semaine, il a failli mourir de faim mais finalement il a été en mesure d’atteindre sa nourriture. Car un petit mouton en face de lui est tombé mort. En conséquence, il a eu les centimètres d’espace manquant pour se rendre aux grains qui avaient déjà commencé à pourrir à cause de l’humidité. Le petit mouton qui est mort restera au sol jusqu’à l’arrivée. Les travailleurs ramasseront son corps et en disposeront sur les collines de sable du désert. Il fera parti des 5% des animaux qui meurent durant ces voyages.

Près de 200 000 animaux sont expédiées chaque année par bateaux de l’Australie à la ville d’Eilat, en Israël. Et chaque année des milliers d’animaux meurent en route.
En février dernier, 840 animaux sont morts dans ces conditions lors d’un de ces voyages.
En août 2013, 4,200 moutons ont connu le même sort lors d’un voyage entre l’Australie et le Qatar.

SVP Signez cette pétition en solidarité avec les activistes d’Israël et surtout en solidarité avec  ces animaux non-humains qui ont besoin de nous pour faire comprendre aux dirigeants l’importance politique et éthique de leurs décisions.